Tevreden ouders delen hun ervaringen:

Knus Thuys is ons heel erg goed bevallen. Door de kleinschaligheid is de band met de leidsters goed en vertrouwd en voelt je kindje er zich thuis. Ik heb Benjamin altijd met een glimlach achtergelaten en vind het heel jammer dat we door verhuizing nu afscheid moeten nemen maar ben dankbaar voor de eerste anderhalf jaar opvang bij Knus Thuys, ik had het niet anders gewild.

Knus Thuys is als een tweede huis voor onze twee zoontjes. Ze gaan er vier dagen in de week heen, dus wij zijn heel blij dat ze het hier zo fijn hebben. Na een lang weekend thuis kijken ze er beide naar uit weer naar hun vriendjes en de lieve leidsters toe te gaan. Als (werkende) ouder is dat een heel prettig gevoel! Een fijne bijkomstigheid voor ons is ook dat de kindjes tussen de middag warm biologisch eten krijgen, waardoor ze in de avond een makkelijke boterham kunnen eten. De favoriete activiteit van de kindjes zelf is de muziek-/dans sessie die eens in de 2 weken wordt gegeven. Educatief en vooral super leuk! Het is een fijne, kleinschalige en gezellige opvang, kortom: letterlijk een Knus Thuys voor onze jongens!


Our 2,5 years old son is going to Knus Thuys 4 days a week. He is so happy to go every morning, talking about friends and teachers already during the breakfast at home ! Knus Thuys is a very warm and family daycare. There are only 10 to 14 kids per day so the teachers have time for everyone and are very careful to every kids own rythm.

The playroom is pleasant, with several play areas depending on the activities of the children. There are big windows and a sunny garden where kids can play outside.

We are really happy that our son has the chance to go to Knus Thuys, with Sakina’s team. The teachers are so nice and almost belong to our family.


Knus Thuys is home from home for our son. The level of one-on-one care and genuine interest as well as the positive energy generated by Sakina and the team has been a unique experience for our family. For almost one year, our son has visibly been developing into the confident, curious and happy little two-year-old he is today. Thank you so much!

Door Brigid

Knus Thuys was the first daycare I visited. We speak German, Spanish and English at home, so we were looking for a daycare that would be bilingual. But that only exists from one year of age in Amsterdam. When I called a bilingual daycare and asked them where the children that come to them go before they turn one, they suggested Knus Thuys. On my first visit, I noticed the calm and peaceful athmosphere, the light and clean space, the friendly warmth of the ‘leidsters’. And I was shocked by the bedroom. A room full of caged beds needs getting used to. After this first visit at Knus Thuys, my search only really begun. I went on to visit many more daycares. Including all the special and highly recommended ones: Montesory, Antroposphisch, small homestays with gastouders and the big corporate ones in the amazing buildings with high ceilings.

Most were full, some I did not like, for others I paid to be on the waiting list. In the end we had a choice of three or four and I went with my instinct and placed our daughter with Sakina and the team.

Today, after one year at Knus Thuys, I know that this was the best choice we could have done. The bedrooms look the same in almost every place. But what is different at Knus Thuys is that there is a window and a little chair on which the leidsters sit until the children fall asleep. That is very special, seldom to find and was an important criteria for us, as our daughter only falls asleep in our arms. Sakina, Elsbeth and Zainab are all three amazing women with warmth, playfulness and a motherly capacity to lead the children naturally. The team is small and stable since many, many years, the athmosphere always positive, supportive and interested. Our daughter loves them. They have become part of the family. And while I felt some guilt at first for leaving our daughter with ‘strangers’ I am now just so grateful to know her in good, loving hands while we go about our work. The children get a warm meal for lunch. Knowing she had a good warm meal for lunch and not having to worry about that in the evening after work makes life so much easier. Once a week a musician, yoga teacher or theater person comes by, which the children enjoy.

And every months there is a theme linked to the seasons that is being discussed, complete with story books, knustel work, paintings and self-made decoration. And whenever the weather allows, the children go to play outside. That was not always that way, but as we parents found this important, Sakina and her team found a way to make it possible (not easy in an integrated group with the different ages following different sleeping schedules). And that is another thing I love about Knus Thuyse: The open flow of communication between the parents and the leidsters, who individually address the needs of every child in a particular moment and find solutions together with the parents – be it that they do not sleep well, or are teething or have a rush on their bottom.

And last but not least: I love the whatsapp picture and video updates I get throughout the day. The other day our daughter was practicing her first steps and Elsbeth was recording and sharing this for us. How precious to have this on record!

Door Nina

Knus Thuys West

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Knus Thuys Zuid

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